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Bossk's jump

Does anyone else find it annoying that Bossk has an extended jump but Chewie doesn't? I'm not saying that light side and dark side have to be carbon copies of each other in abilities and traits, but dark side has fett with the jetpack and bossk with an extended jump and the light side has no one. The LS blaster heroes are all grounded and it doesn't make sense that only one of the 2 alien blaster heroes can jump really high and the other can't


  • They are going to tweak his jump.
  • Bossk's or chewie's? Not that I'm hopeful either way, EA's record for tweaking things is pretty weak by this point
  • Bossk, Grievous and the Commando Droids are all getting tweaked jumps. They'll probably be changed to be less floaty.
  • It better not get nerfed. Its one of the only saving graces Bossk has against saber spam.
  • I would prefer if chewie also got an extended jump
  • Well they've completely ***** Bossk and broke him with the nerf to his jump that hasn't been a problem since the game was ***** released. Now has has basically zero defense from saber characters. May as well stand still and die.
  • Doesnt matter how high he jumps you get hit in the air regardless.
  • It's more of a mobility thing. I guess it sorta balances given that chewie has so much health, but then bossk can regenerate all his health so I think it would be more balanced (and more true to source material for what it's worth) if chewie could jump higher too
  • I never saw an issue with his original jump. Anyone that complained must have had serious user issues with their own heroes. lol
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  • Bossk was jump master before, he could be leaping lizard or leap frog, but after this August patch he is more like crocodile. I agree that Chewie should jump higher and longer distance too, so we could arrange platform jump contest when we finally get fixed HvV Target System back, or not. Perhaps we will see jump swapping in next patch, where Chewie jumps like Bossk used to jump and Bossk got Chewies jump instead, you will never know what happens in next patch.
  • Majike
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    edited September 7
    I find it weird that people are claiming that Bossk is now saberfodder with no defenses because he can't floaty jump anymore (despite STILL having an increased jump), even though Boba Fett is the only other blaster hero with increased mobility.

    Han, Chewie, Lando, and Phasma CAN stun or knock back saber heroes with their abilities, but none of them have special jumps, and Leia and Finn have zero defenses against them. What's wrong with making Bossk more in line with the other blaster heroes?
  • i do think he's less viable against saber heroes without that jump. I am dying more, But he's still a beast.
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