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We are at the complete mercy of the hackers (PC)

I've been chatting with EA customer support three times this week to try and get them to do something about the cheats ruining every game but to no avail. They tell me that the anti-cheat software is up to date and can't do anything about people. All we can do is use the utterly useless reporting system.

I then asked them to walk me through the steps of what happens when someone gets reported? But guess what? They're not allowed to tell me as it's an internal matter, LOL!

I've been playing games since my family got a Dragon32 and SWBF 2015 is one of the best games I've ever played and it's been absolutely ruined. What a shame :(


  • gautier17100
    13 posts Member
    edited September 8
    I play for 2 years now and I've only seen two cheater ;)

    Edit : 2 more today lol
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  • d0kRX
    1434 posts Member
    I wish you could play on PS4 with me. I wouldn't even mind if you got one of those adapters and used MnK to play. lol, can always use more players on this great game!
    PSN: d0kRX
  • All scammers buy games from EA. But we want to play fair play. Give us the same options. Officially release tools for fraud in your games. Everything will be equal and everyone will be satisfied. Or you can still be silly silent.
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