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Tips for countering an all purple star card Palpatine?

Does anybody have any tips when going up against Palpatine in HVV with all purple star cards?


  • Are you new to the game?
  • Does anybody have any tips when going up against Palpatine in HVV with all purple star cards?

    Are you a new(er) player? Assuming so, generally (my experience/opinion):
    1) Depends on the map you’re playing on. For wide open maps, blaster heroes are prob best way to go (Finn with deadeye, etc.). Just make sure to stick close-by to a teammate (pref saber user) or far enough out of range when taking Palpatine down.
    2) LS saber users generally will do poorly against Palpatine without blaster support. Only exception I would say is Yoda but he’ll have to stay pretty focused on Palpatine which can leave him somewhat exposed to Palpatine’s teammates if you’re not careful.
    3) That said, I know a lot of people say Anakin can hold his own against Palpatine using pull - depending on the map, you might need to have Attraction star card equipped - and then some combo attack once he’s on the group. I wouldn’t recommend it though since, while this can work (I think good Palpatine players know to avoid exposing themselves to Anakin like this) I find that, at best, you’ll need to successfully do this twice to fully take Palpatine down (from full health), and a good Palpatine user, if hit the first time by this will withdraw before you get the chance to run it again. Also, Palpatine can pretty quickly wear down Anakin’s stamina and, because of the lighting stagger bug/glitch, can interrupt your pull activation.

    Hope this helps.
  • Not often killed in one attack when I'm Palpy.. Usually takes a number of attacks and a drain on my health.

    Finn is usually the only one I'm wary of but as soon as I'm hit I'll head for cover, not that I'll be out in the open if there are Shooters around. I'll get to them using cover and zap'em good. lol

    Palpy is fun to use and I can be confident of getting out of a 3 v 1 attack from sabers which is nice.
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  • Shoot him in the face - if you can aim, use Han, Leia, Lando otherwise use Finn. I find Han to be the best for this, land those headshots and that palp will switch characters quick
  • d0kRX
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    Well in my opinion the senate is the weakest villain there is. Blaster heros do well against him. Lightsaber button mashers do well against him. Don't worry, in no time you will be the one saying, "there is no escape!" instead of palpatine.
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  • Keep your distance from him. If he's all purple, chances are he has range of lightning. You want someone like Luke who can push him back and repulse. Plus, if you get stuck in a predicament, you can spin the heck out of there using your ability
  • finn’s deadeye is always a good counter attack agains him or boba.
  • Finn.
  • Simple: Anakins Pull & Slay. If you dont finish him of after the first pull use heroic might to knockl him down again then finish him off. Works on 98% of Palps. Only thing Palp can do againts that is staying in team.
  • Does anybody have any tips when going up against Palpatine in HVV with all purple star cards?

    Don't let numbers on a screen intimidate you. Just try to win the best you can. Block, time his jumps, dash, attack, hope for the best. There will be champions, there will be losers. A champion today, a loser tomorrow.
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