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November Community Calendar

Three features I would really like to see added to the game (regarding saber duelling)

I know there are many things people is more interested about they this minor changes and features, but I think they would bring a lot to the game.
The first one is simply adding some sort of stagger to the opponent if you manage to block him in the last second (similar to Fallen Order). I think is a very good thing that the stagger got removed a few months back, but I believe adding this could add a bit of more skill-based gameplay to the duels; but I can’t really say if it would be a good thing at long term since stuns are really frustrating.
The other thing I would like to see make a return is the clash-mashing mini game of the previous game because it looked so cool and it made it feel very Star Wars.
And the last thing I would like to see is new animations for heroes when blocking a lightsaber attack (like Fallen Order, again) just because it would look awesome and would make up for amazing cinematic clips or videos.
Of course I would like to see fix that weird terrain blocking bug but I just guessed it’s not a feature so I didn’t count it as one.


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