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DICE should port over the 2015 maps to Battlefront II



  • slarlac249
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    edited September 8
    Blast and WA were my favourite go to modes in the 2015 games, sullust and endor were fun in CQC.
    I never got to play ANY of the scarif maps online.....

    don't understand why they drip feed the content for this game, i know it's all been free so far but man it's way too slow and not enough.

    the season pass was fine in the previous game and came with lots of maps.
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  • ...and more Skins for Luke, Leia, Vader...also a old Obi Wan and the Rebels / Trooper Skins from 2015. @EA - please make BF2 a Game for ALL SW Fans, again.
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  • I still can't believe we haven't gotten the two capital supremacy ship maps for offline arcade. So ridic.
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