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Droideka is too weak

"...The Drodeka is a great danger to the clones and the Jedi, a couple of Drodeks could easily destroy the squad of clones, even for the Jedi they were a mortal danger...". It is a canon!!! In Episode 1, Obi Wan and Qui-Gon escape from two Drodecas, where is it ? But in Battlefront 2, these Drodeks are very weak, especially against the Jedi. Droydek shield should be much stronger. In canon, blasters were useless to break through their shields. But in this game a couple of clones can do it. And a guy with a light saber destroys a drodek by 2-3 hits, WTF ?. This is stupid. I think that the Droydekas should be more and more stronger, and more deadly to the Jedi. A player playing as a Jedi should try hard to destroy them and spend more than ten hits on it. The armor and shields of the Droydeks should be like light vehicles in the game (minimum). Drodeka must be the most dangerous opponent after the Sith and Tanks in this game.


  • I agree they need some buffs, but the kind of buffs you are asking for are way too much. The Jedi can kill enemy heroes in less than 10 hits. What the Droidikas need is a shield buff, a big range buff, and a slight damage buff. Their battle point cost then needs to be raised.
  • The strength of the shield - this should be the main advantage of the drodek. Also, the Drodeka must be a real threat to the Jedi, just as the new clone of the commando is a threat to the Sith. Drodeka minimum should be equivalent to a upcoming Commando Clone in strength.
  • I would increase their shield capacity (550HP melts away when being stationary with such a big frame) for a bit and also improve their range, since the damage drop off is VERY HARD even on very short distance (40dmg till 10meters / ONLY 5dmg at 30meters)

    I propose: +250HP for the shield = 800HP
    40dmg till 15meters / 10dmg at 40meters
    Increase Battle Point cost to 1500 to be on par with other Reinforcments
  • Drodeka's shields should be much stronger. They are very weak now. These droydeki are practically useless at the moment and this causes frustration and bewilderment
  • They need immunity to damage while transforming. Like 80% damage reduction or 90% and a massive shield buff. Twice the health. As a heavy main I melt droidekas with ease. We pop our shields and the TL-50 totally destroys the shield ans has enough shots to kill the rolling boi and get away with like 10 health. It's stupid.
  • Another option could also be to increase the speed at which the droideka transforms into attack and/or roll mode. A slightly faster transformation.
  • How about a shield health increase and shield health regain star card or something when not taking damage.
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