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The "Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker" Discussion Thread - Potential Spoilers

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That's right my dudes.

This is the place for all chatter, images, memes, videos, tweets and news B)

Shall we start with the D23 Special Look


  • IronSoldier
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    edited August 26
    ideas from this guy

    film ends up being Resistance + Sith vs First Order

    the ships are from palp's time so imperial star destroyers and used to fight FO.
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  • just saw the new trailer...... and i have an interesting idea about the movie..... the name says rise of skywalker..... and at the end of the trailer rays in black and wielding a dual red lightsaber..... so what if the end of episode 9 ray ends up as the villain and kylo is the hero? any thoughts.....? it would definitly be interesting and a big twist..... i would also be happy if ray fell to the dark side.... that jedi wanna be is no jedi
  • So stoked!! I like this new poster. My new phone wallpaper, it is.
    "I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you!"
  • I just can’t wait for those Y-wings and B-wings
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