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This one small change will make Phasma's Staff Strikes better

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I think this one simple change will make the ability feel much better and easier to use. Make the ability immune to staggers. (Lightsaber strikes, melee attacks) Here are few reasons why:
  • The 3rd strike is easier to trigger
  • Makes Phasma greater against sabers
  • Increasing the hit speed doesn't suit her character
  • Star cards focusing on the ability will become more useful
  • Her armor is meant to be sturdy

As I mentioned above, increasing the hit speed of each strike doesn't suit Phasma's character at all. The reason Staff Strikes are slower than Command Droid's sword is because Phasma's are more powerful. Also stagger immunity would make her armor feel more stronger.

I can see the ability becoming OP as the last strike deals more damage than Anakin's Retribution so perhaps nerf the damage of last strike. That should balance things out. The last strike actually hits twice (before and after knock down) each dealing 200 damage against heroes.
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I will not stop complaining until DICE update Leia's Hoth skin's sideburns and add some for Rey!!

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