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Galactic Marines as a replacement for Wookie Warriors for Clone Wars Era

I feel like the Galactic Marines are worthy of being a member of the enforcer class during the Clone Wars era. In canon they were some of the most highly trained clone troopers even on par with ARC troopers and Commandos. I feel like they could perform like the Death Trooper from the OT.i57uyd9ltmho.png


  • I'd prefer they were a new legion instead of being an exclusive kind of skin for enforcer (I mean we could only use them when playing with that special unit). They look so sick.
  • I think we don’t need wookie warriors for the clone wars
    They only should appear on the Kashyyyk

    It’s good to introduce galactic marines
  • Clone commando should replace the wookie warrior, would love galactic marines as skins! :)
  • great idea of using them as reinforcements, its definitely better than just having another skin in game.
    they could be armed with a more permanent Z-6 rotary cannon for example or just work like the Death Trooper while using their DC-15's
  • Wookies definitely should just be available on Kashyyyk.

    Same as other later potential Reinforcments (Geonosian, Gungans, etc) should be region specific.
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