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Bossk Jump Nerf Is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!

At least give us some height! I’m an avid Bossk fan and you just wrecked him. For all of you saying this is a good thing, you obviously don’t play Bossk.


  • Agree. Bossk has low health. He regenerates but its slow. He is good from a distance but he shines when going into the fight with dioxis, mines, etc He is able to do this with his long and high jumps. However, he can easily be killed if caught by a good lightsaber hero. With this nerf, he has zero chance. The jump is absolutely ridiculous and the update says it was “improved.”🤬
  • This is a good thing and I obviously don't play Bossk 😁

    Why you ask? Because it makes it even easier for me to tbag Bossk players.

    And now he felt her, really felt her in the Force; He felt a bond, deeper and more intimate than he’d ever had before; and for a precious eternal instant he was her. . . 

    he was the beat of her heart and he was the motion of her lips. He was her soft words as though she spoke a prayer to the stars— I love you, Anakin. In life, and in death, we will always be one. I am yours

  • The new jump is too short. He needs to be able to get away fast when a Jedi chases him, which is what happens when he gets spotted.

  • From a physics perspective, the jump change makes a ton of sense. From a playing-the-game perspecive, it’s terrible.
  • OcDoc
    2095 posts Member
    He is getting left behind for sure.
  • Bossk jump nerf is LAZY programming. It just drops the vector to ZERO halfway through the arc. VERY LAZY NERF on the use of code by the developers! It FEELS like he has LEAD BOOTS now!!! PLease for the love of the Force revert this nerf back to the BOSSK we bought 2 years ago. TWO years we have had a certain type of he has been ruined!!!!
  • d0kRX
    1508 posts Member
    @Fabsquatch wrong section.
    PSN: d0kRX
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