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Capital Supremacy is kinda broken now?

TL;DR below the post
I think everybody was frustrated with old Capital Ship phases, but is it fun and balanced now?
Loosing half the reinforcements on the first part and then struggling to even get in the core room, resulting in a ground battle reset was not really fun. I like that now the first phase is a capture point and we have a timer rather than respawns to complete all objectives, but this was not the only change that we got.
Of course the outcome always depended on how strong your or the enemy's team is, right? Oh well, now it doesn't matter. With the new changes on the ship it is now much more easier for Droids to win a match over the Clones (or just have a never ending stalemate), even if Clone team is much more experienced and better than Droid players. When it comes to destroying the core room - Droids are far more superior in both the defense of their ship and on the offence of Clone's. Droids can easily stay behind safe distance and just spam with Droidekas, Heavys or whatever really into the 3 big cores from 3 different sides (the middle window is especially easy to stay behind to with all that cover and a huge sight of whole core room), while Clones can't do anything about it really, because when they regroup match is already over.
Speaking of clones, second phase on Separatist Dreadnought is now just a huge mess of a choke-heavy battles, where Droids and Sith can easily control the whole room and all the entrances, because the Clones do not have such a luxury of dumb core spam from cover, they actually have to fight the Droids first just to push a little bit into the room, because Clones ACTUALLY HAVE TO SHOOT THE CORE AND NOT JUST SOME HUGE TOWERS and of course in order to shoot the core they have to be close to it. And it's really hard to get close to it. It took us 5 attempts on the ship (if we were lucky, only one person could rush into it and put a few rounds to the core hitbox). In the end Droids were begging us in chat to win (they were really weak on ground, getting maximum 20%, while on ship it was a piece of cake to stay at the doors and spam ). Both teams were exhausted and frustrated from such a battle, but not because forces were even and balanced, but because of a bad game design. I'm sure that DICE must be doing something about it right now, surely I'm not the only one who thinks that the new system is both refreshing and exiting, but also unbalanced and tedious.
TL;DR - Droids now will always have an automatic upper hand on Clones just because they are on Separatist side. They can destroy Republic ship in 1 and easy try with plenty of cover and easy to shoot core towers, when Clones have a never ending choke battles in Separatist hallways and hard to shoot core with small hitbox that needs the players to get really close to it in order to do damage.
P.S - I played the whole day and can surely say that 90% of matches were the same, meaning:
Droids = easy win.
Clones = we are fu***d.


  • ***** this all this its unplayable a balanced game with 2 teams really going at it get kicked out of the droid ship twice.... just to go into the clone ship once and lose because they can shoot our cores from outside the ***** room
  • After this change i stoped playing this game no point to play in bad broken and unbalanced game where only 1 team can win and its a droids
  • Nithorian
    182 posts Member
    edited September 10
    Honestly the best way to win as the clones at the moment is to have a good Yoda player. It is one of the few ways to break those corridor blockades. Even then a good Bossk can effectively shut down 2 of the entrances on his own.

    But the beauty of Yoda is, if you can sneak into the droid ship and get to their core, he can attack it from a position no one can really see him from, and he kills it pretty quickly.

    This is the only somewhat decent counter I've seen, other than being so overwhelmingly better than the Droid team that you slaughter them and lock down the room yourself.
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