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[PC] [PS4] 41st Elite Corps Recruitment Thread

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Hello there,

if you're interested in joining a clan to play with fellow PC (and PS4) players, this is the place. Recently, we have opened our clan up to players for PC. We currently have plenty of PS4 members in our discord, so this is mainly for PC, but if you want to join and you only play on PS4, feel free too. Join this clan if you're looking for players to play with, as well as weekly (since we just begun to open up to PC) events for us all to join and enjoy. We mainly play Capital Supremacy, Galactic Assault, Ewok Hunt, and Blast for events. We also have a place for people that like to play as Starfighters for Starfighter Assault and Hero Starfighters. We have both an Army and the Navy in our clan so you can become apart of both if you want to.

If you have any questions, make sure to read the rules. When joining the discord, put in the information required in #request_bay , #name_request , and #gamertags . Make sure to message a PC member of anyone that's Lieutenant+ (army rank) or Commander+ (Naval rank). If you want to become a PS4 member, do the same thing but message them if they're apart of the PS4 team.

Requirements are in the rules channel

Feel free to also reply to this thread with any questions.

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