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Fully stamina draining abilites

280 posts Member
I played HvV sine the update. I don't know why, but I found out, that Rey's sprint attack and the last strike by Obi-Wan's defensive rush drain your stamina completly if you block these abilties.
Is this new? Are ther other abilities to drain your stamina fully by blocking, if so which?
Greetings and Thx.


  • Most likely a bug - I hope that’s not an intended mechanic
  • TiNie
    280 posts Member
    Most likely a bug - I hope that’s not an intended mechanic

    I only see that both abilites drain my stamina fully while blocking. My feeling about this is, that this mechanic is in the game since the current update. So if this is a bug, then I think this is a new one. Maybe someone can confirm this behavior or someone official can say something about this.
  • This is definitely a bug. 1 Rey dash strikes drained my stamina completely. Couldn’t block or anything after that & got completely destroyed.

    Recently the devs had done a wonderful job of cleaning BF2 up & fixing bugs, but this ambitious update seemed to be too ambitious and broke a few things.
  • I can confirm that this august update added both those bugs. Makes the "saber only event" rather unbalanced, doesn't it? Also Yoda's unleash can now go through blocks. Smh with all these new bugs... Lets hope we dont have to wait months for a fix...
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