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Battlefront II keeps crashing on campaign

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Hi everyone, I haven't played BFII in ages and today I came back to find 2 updates which I did. I got stuck into the last chapter on the 1st campaign and its crashed twice right at the beginning of the chapter. I actually have to hardboot/reset the console because of this.
Anyone else having/ had the same issues?
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  • Courtney9089
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    From what I have read the campaign has gotten very buggy & crashing happens a lot. If I remember correctly I was on Reddit like 5-6 months the devs posted they would make a pass through to the campaign to try & fix the glitches but I don't think they haven't yet in my opinion since I haven't seen anything posted about the campaign being fixed. If that is the case & in my opinion if they are going to leave the campaign in a broken mess they should probably remove it & keep it multiplayer only like star wars battlefront 2015.

    Though I know no one would like that so my idea would be to remove the campaign/story & turn it into its own downloadable thing. Like it's own game or something along those lines that was free to everyone who owns battlefront 2. That way the campaign couldn't be broken due to all the various updates since it would be its own separate thing. So there would be two games one game for the story/campaign & then another game for multiplayer.

    Square Enix did it with final fantasy 15 & I think a few other games have done it, so why not do the same with this?

    Anyway only thing I can think of is that you can try uninstalling everything then reinstalling it to see if that works. I mean I haven't touched the campaign since I first got the game. So no idea if it's broken beyond repair personally like I have read on reddit. Plus eh sadly deleting & reinstalling the game would be the only solution since it's on console. If that doesn't work then eh you more than likely have to wait for a patch to fix the campaign sadly which probably won't happen for a while/long time.
  • That has been insightful, I totally agree and like your response.
    Thanks again.👍👍👍
  • I just finished the campaign yesterday, actually, from that Lando/Shriv mission through until the end of Resurrection and didn’t encounter any bugs (PS4).

    As an aside, I loved the campaign. Thought it was a great story and the tie-in to TFA was wonderful.
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