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Growing Inconsistency

I'm not going to sugar-coat this. DICE needs to stop making changes to basic gameplay. The August update, labeled the "Roger Roger" update, has caused far too many problems for me to count - however, I would like to list a few here to illustrate my point.


Hero Showdown (a superior gamemode, by the way) had a change, so now each map is played twice - alternating each team between the light side and the dark side before moving to a new map. I don't know about some of you, but once a map ends, I don't want to play it again! I want to move on to Endor, or Theed's hangar, or wherever!

I'm not sure if this is "saber locking" or not, but during lightsaber fights, dodges have become useless. When I dodge, my opponent's saber locks onto my position, hitting me in the back and dealing the appropriate damage. PLEASE DICE, for the love of all things holy and sacred, undo this!

Speaking of undoing things, I know that for... cOntInuiTy's SaKe... the "floaty" jump that Grievous, Bossk, and the commando droids use to do has been replaced with a more realistic version of their jumps. Let me be clear, I love continuity as the next guy, but this game has clearly put "quality of life" before continuity (cross-era heroes anyone?) and by doing this, it upsets the CONSISTENCY of modes like Hero Showdown. I see that this is a community request, but I'm not sure how many of you actually requested this.

The stamina bar is my next gripe. Dear God, the stamina bar! I don't want to see that! Not only does it give you one more thing you need to keep track of when fighting heroes (because that's already demanding as it is), now I've gotta pay attention to that! Besides, it was way more fun when I didn't know this.

Rey's dash strike deplete's an enemy heroes stamina bar completely. Need I say more?
The announcer for hero matches is an interesting take, but he sounds annoying. Not to say I hate his new voicelines, but I also haven't heard his old voice lines, which I thought were a nice touch. I would almost prefer the old ones.


What I want more than anything at this point, more than Instant Action (which, don't get me wrong, so excited) or the republic commandos is just... some game consistency. That's the most important thing when running active development on a game. Sometimes, consistency has to take place over continuity.

These are some issues I have wanted to get out of the way since the update was released. These were all obtained from simply reading down the list of updates and my experiences with them in the game, so there could be more issues "fixed" in this "update" that I have not listed. If you have something to say, I would love to hear it! I also would like these things restored to the way they were before the update, but that's HIGHLY improbable given the development team's work effort.

Let's try to get some attention for this damn topic. Thanks?


  • There really messed up saber combat with this patch, and it was already the worst part of this game. They need to massively reduce or even remove saber tracking.
  • OcDoc
    1780 posts Member
    Good way to communicate your gripes OP.

    I don’t think much of your list is very problematic but obviously you have stated your preferences.

    I seem to be dodging a little better than you at the moment. I haven’t really noticed a major difference in the hit box/saber lock thing. But I am on board with you in saying it needs to be improved. I feel like they made blocking a good bit better (not fully) but they need to reduce the saber lock next and revert it to something closer to launch levels.

    I haven’t noticed the Rey-dash-stamina thing but will pay attention and I am sure the devs will too.

    I am fine with the jumps and HvV commentator and barely notice the stamina bar while in action. Although I could see it being a bigger issue in HS than HvV.
  • Yes, they should stop adjusting current stuff and just add new stuff
    “The force is with me and I am one with the force. I fear nothing because everything is as the Force wills it to be.” -Chirrut Imwe
  • Regarding the new jump mechanic for Bossk, Grievous, and the commando droids, here is what I have to say:

    In all honesty, I thought it was just fine - I would often rely on Bossk's jump to counter berserking saber users (you know who I'm talking about). I understand that the development team changed it to respect a sense of realism in the game, but let's be honest with ourselves for a moment: if the development team were truly focused on realism, certain gamemodes would not exist (4v4 Heroes vs. Villains for one); furthermore, "quality of life" wouldn't exist, because the concept of quality of life is making things in the game easier, such as the ticket counter in CS being changed to a percentage and timer - having a limited number of troops is something you would have to deal with when considering realism, and therefore, DICE can not sit on the fence about this. They need to either decide if they want realism and undo some of their changes in favor of realism, or they need to undo some of their recent changes in favor of game stability.

    This, in my opinion, is one reason why this game is such a disappointment among Battlefront fans - not simply because of the jump mechanic being added, but on a larger scale, this: the game is unstable, and the only thing that seems consistent about DICE's involvement in this game is their failure to realize their mistakes until it is too late.

    I move for a lot of the gameplay changing "updates" in the Roger Roger update to be undone, at least for the time being. Please bring some attention to this.
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