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Stop putting me with people who don’t know how to play ?

There should be a better option for online players with there levels , near enough every game I join the team ain’t doing the objectives and there really rubbish at shooting ?


  • Skill based matchmaking is great but I want these bugs fixed first 😂
  • I just wish I could find full lobbies xD
  • Same here, All of my teammates are just trolling around and not putting any effort in objectives etc. played about 10 games today, lost all of them with the same kind of players. This game is slowly going to the trash can if this behaviour continues.
  • I'm Ron Burgundy?
  • Add me up PakzProducer
  • This makes me miss Killzone 2. Your whole team could be trash, but if you were good enough you could pull your team through to victory with just a solider and a light machine gun. No special abilities.
  • I agree just Today I played Heroes Vs. Villains and some went good not gonna lie, but the rest were like people who were over 100.. In There Heroes!! I'm stuck with like 10-1 players and they expect this to be fun???
    Instant Action Saved The Offline Community!!

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