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Saber Hero’s in ther current state ruin CS

Whit hit detection and saber locking at an all time worst state due to the August update, hero’s can run rampant and almost unkillable. As the run and dodge and spam swing at you, they glitch around across the map until you can’t even roll out of there attacks and can lock on to you even when you’re behind them. This needs to be changed.

Also Maul is too strong in CS due to his Spin attack. He’s moved too fast even from just standing still and this ability allows him to deflect shots aswell. I’m not sure how the Devs would fix this but I may aswell bring it up as a slight balance problem.

Keep working on these bugs Dev Team ✌🏾


  • They should lock mauls default skin only for CS not in GA or HvV cause mauls episode one skin with his original legs in the clone wars does not make sense. Just add in his clone wars claw droid legs skin cause then he would only have one saber making spin attack have a shorter area of effect and i would make him be able to jump higher only with the claw droid legs skin, and also his other more human looking droid legs skin he wouldn't jump high well probably just as high as his normal jump but he would have the one half of his original saber and the darksaber in the other hand, but i still hope they lock his default skin only for CS.
  • I doubt they will ever have different abilities/movement based on the skin a character has on - I agree he should have the claw leg skin and have it locked for cs but to change the way the characters behaves/performs is absurd
  • Well then it doesn't have to change, but he still can wield the dark saber cause he doesn't have a double blade in the clone wars so the dark saber could make up for his lost blade.
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