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The Republic is always slightly stronger in capital supremacy

So maybe it is just me but in in at least 7 of 10 capital supremacy games the republic is winning. Yesterday I had a game where the Republic won the first round and after the side change the Republic won again even tho most of the player stayed the same (especially the top players).
I think the problem are the reinforcements. In the beginning everything is balanced but after 5 min when everyone has enough points you can feel a clear shift to the republics favor. Especially the Rockettrooper are stronger and very annoing to play against and half of the team is using him. The blaster has no recoil, fast fire rate and high dmg while the missile has an bigger AOE. The higher health of the rocketdroid can't compensate this.
Same goes for the arc trooper, his dmg output is huge and his shock thing (don't know the english name) is a big live saver. I really like the commando droid but the arc trooper is much more versatile.I also think that good yoda or anakin player are more usefull in this mode than a good maul or grivous
This is on PC btw so it maybe its a bit different to console. Please let me hear your thoughts on this.


  • With the way the final phase of the ships are right now, the republic needs to be stronger to have a chance. It is crazy how easy it is to defend the droids objective, and how trivial it is for just a few players to destroy the clone objective.

    The droids can either
    1. Shoot all three cores from a safe distance using one of the three paths they have or.
    2. Hide behind the clone ship's cores and defeat them safely from a position no one can see them.

    Where as the republic has to basically take complete control over the droid ships final room in order to win. This requires overwhelming force, which if the teams are close in skill (or in some case the republic can be the clearly better team), just isn't going to happen. The Droids will keep holding their core over and over again until they finally win a ground phase and in one run destroy the clone ship.
  • Imladithil2002
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    edited September 7
    I really hope, that the Droidekas receive a buff (transformation speed, damage drop-off, shield health) and balance things out a bit, together with the Clone Commandos. An increase of battle point cost should come as well (Droidekas and Commandos are two of the most elite units during the Clone Wars, they should be strong and expensive).
    For the Capital Ships, i hope, they open up both objectives again and at least close the window on the Venator.
  • Its cause anakin, hes so annoying in CS, whether its a level 10 or a level 200 anakin hes always way too good, if hes on level 200 then good luck trying to kill him or trying to stay alive as any villain.
  • Grievous15 wrote: »
    Its cause anakin, hes so annoying in CS, whether its a level 10 or a level 200 anakin hes always way too good, if hes on level 200 then good luck trying to kill him or trying to stay alive as any villain.

    Anakin is fine, his Damage Reduction Bugs out so often that I see Anakin's get melted away in seconds all the time. He isn't even the best hero the Republic has, that would be Yoda.

    He can, buff his allies, easily slaughter troopers, while getting his HP back now, he can 1v1 all of the dark side villains and his new star card allows him to heal off damage. Not to mention he is the only character that got to keep his old card as well, which was massively buffed, because now when you absorb blaster fire and use unleash, you get a lot of HP back from all the kills you'll get.

    Add to that his small hit box and speed and unless your against a coordinated enemy team that go out of their way to trap and kill Yoda, he's just going to run freely over the battlefield with no real challenge.
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