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3+ hr long game


Dose anyone else think they need to change something with the clones ship phase? We would usually win the capture phase but get little progress destroying there ship and this went on for 3hrs until they finally won..


  • Yes I honestly preferred the old capital ship objectives
  • Yes I honestly preferred the old capital ship objectives

    I like the new ship phase for part 2 but want it put back to being on both sides. I did prefer the old door override phase though.
  • CS games are longer with the new patch ??? was it supposed to be shorter ? let me think. oh it is broken .
  • Yea it's broken alright, I had a game where we defended the reactor but lost. It's not like it was close they weren't in the room of the reactor.
  • Maybe a few less kill farmers and more objective players would help. ;)
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  • It may be me, but most of the long games I've played have looked something like this:
    • Clones win ground phase
    • Separatists defend last part of the ship, back to ground phase
    • Clones win ground phase
    • Separitists defend again, back to ground phase

    This goes on for multiple rounds until either:
    1. Separitists win ground phase and then blow up the ship on the first try
    2. Clones finally do enough damage to the ship to win

    This indicates to me that the Separatist ship is too easy to defend, which means if the Clones have a superior team the game can go on indefinitely. Does anyone else share that sentiment?

  • I did just have a game that was almost 3 hours, with the clones taking the ground phase but the droids just protected the reactor 3 or 4 times. Maybe if after multiple assaults they reduce the time to gain enough reinforcements? sure it could make it easier for the team getting beaten up on to steal a victory when they couldn't have otherwise, but you don't really get that much from winning vs losing other than satisfaction. And after 2 hrs in one match I really start to not care about winning, just for it to be over
  • Nithorian
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    The maps weren't designed for the mode to be played with this objective, the issue is the final room of both ships.

    The droids can easily cover all 3 entrances from one position, the top of the stairs, due to the narrow nature of their corridors and the interconnecting tunnels between them, explosive damage is far too strong, so everyone spamming grenades + Bossk makes this a brain dead defense.

    As for the republic ship, in order to defend this successfully they need to hold up in at least 3 positions at once, and even then, a crafty player who slips by undetected can hide behind the cores to take them down. This isn't true on the droid ship, there isn't a position you can get to that you can't get easily outflanked by the droids on the upper level or just running to where you are. On the clone ship the only way to get to you are narrow walk ways, that are dangerous to heroes because the Clones only have close range heroes, whose animations aren't designed to be used in such a limited space.

    Add to the fact the Droids have the droidekas which can slip by with its rapid speed and easily kill anyone foolish enough to try a 1v1 to stop him. If more players fall back to defeat the hiding droids, then the flood gates open on one of the other ways the droids can enter and boom, game over as they overrun the clones and spawn lock them.

    The maps aren't balanced so something needs to change, some suggestions.

    1. Going onto the walkways towards the cores are kill zones, you can't do it you have to shoot it from a distance, some might say this isn't fair on the droids, but even with this change the clones have a much harder time defending their objective because all 3 cores are able to be seen without even advancing too far, and the clones have to basically take control of the droids last room to win.

    2. Make the hitbox of the Droid's objective bigger AND reduce its HP. This means that droids camping near the top of the stairs are actually exposing their core to long range fire. Again this might be seen as unfair, but the clones don't even have a choice, they can't close the doors to their room, their objective is always exposed.

    3. Change the spawns, so the droids spawn further away and the clones spawn a lot closer to their objective, perhaps limit where droids can spawn on allies as well, so they don't completely overrun an objective with one player hiding at the back of the room. I dislike this one because it just makes it really hard for both teams to destroy the objective now.

    4. The most drastic yet still possible choice. Completely change what the last objective is on the droid ship so that it isn't so easily defend.

    5. The one that probably wont happen. Redesign both areas to match the new objective.
  • I think simply making it so the droid reactor core could be hit by the clones from the hallway would be the easiest solution. As it stands, the clones have to basically be right next to the reactor to be able to hit it, and getting there is extremely difficult.
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