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Am I the only one who wants less magic and vehicles and more "realistic" firefights?

A Yoda that has 1000 Hp compared to an officer who has 200.
I dont understand. A sniper can oneshot the officer but the Yoda can take 3 headshots and then react and block the rest.
I dont get why heroes and villains need to have more HP than the normal troops.
I want everyone to have same amount of HP and not being forced to just get my 100-200 credits "sacrifize last place winner award compensation" for just being forced to die, helplessly to a dashing hero.
Same with vehicles. If I equip ion ammunition, I shouldnt be forced to reload 20 times to destroy it. It is weak against normal targets and when a vehicle comes nearby, I cant even destroy it fast enough sometimes. Why use that anyways then?
And why do the Yodas and DarthVader get placed so high in the score board every time. How is it fair that I strack up tens and tens of headshots with special trooper while a running Maul just presses one button to get a monster kill without any need of skill?
If a heroe/villain does not defend from incoming bullets, he should die as fast as normal troopers. Or at least we need a hardcore more where that is the case because this is just so casual, the 80GB are not even worth it on my harddrive...
I have games where I play sniper (but I go close range too) and I have 0 deaths to normal troopers. Just deaths to vehicles, jetpacker, wookies, heroes and villains etc. This feels just bad for a "shooter".


  • I agree with you completely about hero HP

    You're right about ion weapons - underpowered.

    I think the problem is that the whole game is made to focus everyone to scramble to become these oh-so-powerful heroes (except us 2 at least).

    There's plenty of variety of troops to keep everyone happy me thinks.
  • Every game I have like 20% of the guy who plays a light sabre guy. And he just runs around killing everyone with 250+ kills. While I have to hit "normal" enemies twice to kill them.
    This game is so not worth the 80GB diskspace.
    Are the devs even playing the game?
  • I meant 20% of the points.
    And what do I do with 30k battlepoints if every hero is already used and the others die in 2s from super far away, no way to outrun the enemy heros either way and I dont even want to play a guy with a sabre. Bossk is already taken because I dont die in the first 10k battlepoints. I just start stacking up deaths when the public-server-bashing sabre-only-players do what they do.
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