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Best Monitor?

Hi looking for some advice on a decent monitor got a 21 inch and its ok tbh however i feel like an upgrade is due (10yrs old) appreciate its ultimately down to preference, £500 kitty, i'm a bit of an old tech luddite so something that improves overall gaming experience if possible.

kind regards


  • I would say get a 1440p monitor with higher refresh rate like144hz at least. Depending on your video card make sure it supports gsync or freesync.

    I'm an asus rog guy and so is my monitor and everything else. So see which brand matches well for your set criteria/budget and then check some YouTube reviews on it.
  • Cheers that's helpful will that type of setting work with an Xbox one sorry i should have stated that's what I use
  • Get a freesync monitor if its a one X. Not sure older models support it or not. And see if HDR is something that matters to you or not. Since you upgrading after this long spend a bit more and get the bells and whistles that come with it.
  • This is going to enhance your graphics

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