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Galactic Conquest not in a Battlefront game?

I know I'm late to this just got the game last week. Read that Battlefront II doesn't have Galactic Conquest. Why do they not have Galactic Conquest? Never played the first Battlefront 2015 heard it wasn't that great figured this game would be more of the same. I heard Battlefront II was better. Don't get me wrong it looks great and what little I played I had some fun/funny moments just feel like a empty game without Galactic Conquest. Maybe I'm old school but I feel this game would be better if they could make a multiplayer campaign. As of right now I really get bored with the game play and stop playing. Don't like how I can't pick my team just get stuck on a team. Nothing in this new game makes me feel like I'm playing Battlefront. Just playing a Star Wars version of Call of Duty. Regret buying this now glad I got it really cheap but still feel like I got ripped off. Don't get how you can make a Battlefront game known for Galactic Conquest then gut the very core game play. Must be nice to milk a brand for all its worth I suppose. For the fanbois that will defend every thing DICE does enjoy the game this isn't me saying don't play it just a post about me being disappointed. With that said bring back Galactic Conquest!!
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