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Add dlc skirmish to 2015

Keep playing bf2015 and still think its a shame the dlc didnt make it to skirmish mode. Some death star starfighter assault and bespin/scarif walker assault. This game deserves an update with that in mind. This will be my crusade forever, dont care what happens to bf2. Anybody agree and care to try to continue to fight for this. Everytime i play this game i think it deserves those minimum.


  • Agreed, we paid $50 for content we can't play anymore
  • Everything is there, just add in the dlc maps to the pre existing skirmish modes. Ive barely played walker assault on scariff because its hard to find a match. Bespins a little easier but id like to play some casual little matches against bots on these maps. Even just the starfighter assault by cloud city and around the death star, just low stress cruise and split screen. The base game is alive but dlc is still tricky to find occasionally and its not like u can play what u want, just have to do whatever mode is going on the dlc or not play it. One day the game may be completely dead, and the dlc will feel utterly wasted besides some extra heroes.
  • How can bespin starfighter assault not make it offline. It looks amazing and ive never gotten to play it.
  • eh guys if one of you is european and wanna play the damn dlcs add me to start those matches.

    We need each other (all players together) because these developers from DICE are r*&%·#/! and they don't know how to add a f* server browser to the game.

    So add me if you wanna play the game with somebody and start some forgotten matches (fighter squadron, the dlcs, etc).

    jmoyano92 PC
  • Im an xbox player from north america. Id gladly add you but the pc is the problem. Definitely agree that the players need eaxh other. This game deserved more.
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