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Battlefront Survey Results!!



  • F8RGE wrote: »

    I've seen the thread, don't worry.

    How many people responded in the end, always good to have that number?

    Can we see how the questions were worded?

    For the most part it's inline with what I would imagine the forums to be asking for :)
    I think we have to agree that it’s kind of funny seeing you asking for raw numbers of a community survey done by the community. Especially since the numbers you provide for the community surveys are quite vague.
  • Whatever the results it’s always interresting to know how many people answered. Making stats is all about the percentage of player answering
  • I'm not sure, so the following may be untrue, but I think google docs allows you to make surveys without restrictions for free

    If that's true, this is a game-changer. Thank you for that!
  • Billkwando wrote: »
    Mace Windu wasn’t an option?

    The results of that question are invalid without it.

    I was going to say the same thing. With the conspicuous absence of Mace Windu, this looks like blatant Ashooka pandering.

    I wanted to include Mace, but I also had to consider characters that would have viable counters on the other side. All of the main lightsaber villains from the PT are already in the game, with the one possible exception being Savage Oppress, but he'd be too similar to Maul and had no real connection to Windu, so it wouldn't make sense to release them together. I had to think logically when it came to character selection. Ahsoka and Ventress are the perfect complements to each other and had multiple encounters in TCW and a lot of storylines together so their inclusion just makes sense.
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