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What is your favorite Star Wars music?

You may choose up to 3 tracks, officially released or never released but in the movie, you can choose any Star Wars film released.

Mine are:

TPM: the droid invasion and the appearance of the Darth maul, duel of the fates, the sith spacecraft and the droid battle

AOTC: Across the Stars, love pledge and the arena, confrontation with Count Dooku and finale (honorable mention, bounty hunter pursuit)

ROTS: Goodbye old friend, kashyyyk, battle of the heroes (honorable mention, a new hope and finale

ANH: the princess appears, inner city, the throne room and and title

ESB: the asteroid field, departure of boba Fett, the imperial march (honorable mention, the rebel fleet and end title)

ROTJ: Leia’s news and light side of the force, into the trap

TFA: March of the resistance, the Jedi steps and finale

TLJ: The sacred Jedi texts, the battle of crait, peace and purpose

RO: the imperial suite, Jyn erso and hope suite

Solo: meet Han

TCW movie: battle of christophsis


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