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CS lag

I figure if we complain enough something will be done.
I haven't played CS in quite awhile. The lag is worse since the last time I played before the most recent update. Its like I am shooting a nerf gun and then die instantly.


  • I agree the lag has gotten worse. I stopped playing CS after the new changes to the mode though, it's rubbish now. Will rather stick to GA
  • its the same across other modes as well, right bag of bolts it is.
  • jonci wrote: »
    its the same across other modes as well, right bag of bolts it is.

    I also hadn't played GA in awhile. Came back and holy rusted metal batman! Its god awful!
    Its so bad.
    Its like I am constantly penalized for rolling out of the way (manages to dodge for a second but no the bullet follows you around the corner), pulls out my shield yet apparently I died a second earlier according to the server, manages to shoot roll and jump, get a guy down to 5 health while I have full health, it lags (almost as if the guy freeze switched me) for a split second as I keep shooting and I am the one who dies.
    Its only a certain few people who seem to be benefiting from the lag too...
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