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tips for surviving longer as heroes?

anyone have any tips for surviving longer as heroes in ga? i don't play them much because i feel guilty taking them from the better players, but when i do i'd like to at least be a little good ya know


  • they just join with their friends who appropriately offer support to them. When you play alone no one cares if they kill you, they actually benefit of you being killed so they can pick that hero up.
  • You shouldn't ever feel guilty about grabbing a hero; they snap up so fast that I'm sure some folks just idle on the spawn menu so they can grab one the second another hero dies.

    I've gotten about half of my heroes to level 41 (shiny gold animation of wowness) level and CAN last quite a long time in HvV, but I usually get slaughtered quickly in GA too, because heroes (particularly lightsaber users) draw a LOT of fire. The best advice I can think of would be:
    • If you're a hero who isn't Boba Fett or Bossk, and especially if you're a short-range fighter (IE, Luke), try to stay close to other players; best case scenario is that they can gun down anyone who tries to attack you, but at the least they may help draw some fire off you
    • Don't be afraid to retreat or hide to recover health, but remember that you're a nice juicy target if you're running away (particularly in a straight line)
    • If you have a blaster, then try to keep a good distance from enemies, if possible; up close, you can get shredded pretty quickly from a mixture of melee and that darn mini-shotgun
    • If you have a lightsaber and there's an enemy in front of you, don't rush up to them and whack them, because you'll take a huge load of blasterfire to the face (or maybe even one of those super-powered shotgun things); advanced cautiously with your lightsaber blocking blasterfire. It won't stop shotguns (although I think it mitigates at least some of the damage) or explosives, but it's largely a much safer strategy

    Good luck!
  • OcDoc
    1780 posts Member
    I am assuming you are talking about saber heroes because shooters are a little more obvious... keep your distance, land your shots, use cover and watch your back to make sure nobody is getting the jump on you.

    In regards to sabers...

    Know where vehicles and other heroes are at all times and avoid engaging them. You can engage heroes but if you want to stay alive you need to do it only when you catch them off guard and preferably when distracted by your teammates. Don’t feel like you absolutely must finish them off if they start backing off of you and you have taken some damage.

    If you play in the zone of the objective, you need to pick your moments and make sure you don’t go charging in with no plan, cover or exit strategy. Typically you need to look around a little in that area before entering to get a sense of where everyone is and then do a quick run through (hit and run style). This allows you to better see what you are up against. Then you have a chance to recover and go back for another pass if the conditions are favorable and always assume there is someone around the corner or camping out that you aren’t aware of. This is where map knowledge is critical because invariably you will get blinded by a flash grenade and you will need to be able to move without getting stuck on an obstacle.

    Once you clear the objective you can push up and punish the few players that try to take it back but always check your back regularly and check the minimap regularly to be sure nobody can get the jump on you from behind.

    Beyond that, well timed dashes and well timed blocking go a long long way but like a previous poster mentioned DO NOT charge after a shooter from distance that knows where you are and is aiming your direction, you will lose too much health to make it worthwhile. Almost all your kills should be on opponents that don’t even realize you are behind them or to the side of them because you are smartly navigating the map, using cover and clearing out anyone that could potentially be behind you before pushing up.

    Those are my recommendations on how to stay alive and be effective as a hero in GA.

  • Keep an eye on the minimap, some people dont even look at it, which gives you an advantage if you know where they are and they are just running into battle like a chicken with his head cut off.
    Try to avoid enemy heroes and go after infantry to get kills more easily.
    Play to your heroes strength. I play as Vader and like to stick to close quarters areas of the map.
    The last piece of advice that helps me is to play with a care free attitude. When you play with the mindset of being worried you'll die as a hero you usually die lol. I notice that when I play aggressive (but smart) and dont care if I die, I usually get good killstreaks and get nice multikills.
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