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November Community Calendar

Stormtrooper Skins

Star Wars Battlefront EA had many Stormtrooper Skins and many of us are wondering if they will come to Star Wars Battlefront 2. It has been a major request and we all want to see them come to the game.


  • I'd love the following skins (because they're still immersive):

    -Trooper With Pauldron in Red, Orange, White and Black
    -Navy Trooper with Jumpsuit
    -Jheda-Version with Rogue One Radio Operator Backpack

    -Different Pauldrons as well (Red, Orange, White and Black)
    -Optional with No Backpack (as seen on Tatooine in the movies)
    -Jheda-Version with Rogue One Radio Operator Backpack

    -Olive Uniform (No Armor)
    -Olive Uniform (With Armor)
    -Black Uniform (No Armor)
    -Navy Trooper with Dress Uniform

    Not really needed. But perhaps The Jedi: Fallen Order Scouts with Chest-Rig.

  • Should be imperial shock trooper
    Sharif shore trooper and shadow trooper
  • I want all the skins from battlefront 2015, anything else would be a nice bonus.
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