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EA Made Guinness World Records For Most Downvoted Comment On Reddit

No offense intended but this is HALARIOUS! People still remember how that fiasco went down lol. I will say that the game is in a much better place now than it did back then. Just wish we didn't have ***** in the high ups wanting monetization schemes in the game and all that.

Here are some sources feel free to check em out. Once again, No Offense Intended.



The Post that made it all possible.


  • I read this yesterday. Gave me a good laugh lol. Reminiscing on when I defended the game through that fiasco
  • Gold.
  • bfloo
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    All they had to do was hold off 2ish months on crystal sales and no one would have cared when it became pay to catch up if you weren't around for launch.

    I only bought the deluxe addition because I would never buy crystals and still feel scammed :'(

    I don't care about the skins I got with it, I don't use either one.
    If I could give them away, I would.
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