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So the guy that made Lootboxes is now in charge of DICE

TLDW: The man who created "ultimate team" aka micro-transaction hell. Is now the head of Battlefront, Battlefield,and Need for Speed... If Battlefront gets more lootbox crap shoved back in I'm done with this company.


  • May people i know didnt even bothered checking up with what Battlefront 2 evolved to. If this guy will try to mess with the loot box system, which as it is now mostly just exists in the game, and he gonna try to force something, besides skins to be locked behind lootboxes, then it will be a sure sign that EA would want this game to die.
    To the other news: most of the copmanies shares worth, that were specialising in construcing power converters are plummeting due to the closure of several stations that had been distributing them troughout the galaxy. Market analytics indicates that all of them were closed because of an apperant lack of demand for them on the galaxy market.
  • They won't go down the pay to win route again. EA aren't stupid they know how annoyed everyone would get if they did that again. I imagine skins being locked behind crystals is what they will do which I'm fine with dice and EA have to make some money especially if people want this game supported next year. They won't carry on pumping out free updates next year unless they start making a bit of money. And there is so many skins i want I don't mind paying for a few
  • Need for Speed has already been heading downhill, ever since via micro-transactions you can get all the pre-order & special edition exclusive content later on, voiding the value to people who pre-order & pay for higher editions upon the game's release. I can see similar happening to this franchise.
  • I'm still get some of the worst matchmaking and latency issues with this game.

    This man will no doubt make it worse somehow...
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