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The game is messing up my aim

The higher my sensitivity is, the more often it happens. I'll rotate quickly and the game takes over my aim and I'm no longer in control for a moment. It happens a LOT and it's super annoying. Xbox

It seems as if the game is reading my thumbstick inputs and instead of letting me control where my crosshair goes, it predicts where my crosshair will go and moves it for me. Can I shut this off please? There's currently no way to turn this off. There are no settings to adjust:

Aim acceleration
Field of view
Aim smoothing
Sensitivity curve (Starfighters get a Response Curve slider, but Soldiers don't?)
Aim assist strength
Aim assist window size

Most of all I want to be able to adjust these unseen settings to play the way i prefer. I do not want the game to aim for me, please let me control my own aim.


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