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Buff Dooku ASAP!!!

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edited September 9
Good Afternoon,and my suggestion here is to buff Dooku. Dooku is a great duel Hero so no one can basically take him one-by-one,but he is really weak in GA and CS because of his lack of speed. He is very slow and also his dash is probably the worst lightsaber hero dash in the game,so fix this ASAP.Also i suggest reworking the lightning ability. Here’s the example:
Now to use the ability,you have to hold R1 As long as you hold it,it will keep growing in a distance,till you reach the maximum. This will help Dooku deal with 5-10 troopers in a room! It also slow’s you down so you cant simply run away. Also you can rework his star card for taking reduced damaged while using this ability. Battlefront 2 heroes seems to get a lot of love,except Dooku. Dear Dice,BUFF DOOKU ASAP!!!


  • Cyro
    323 posts Member
    worst dash? he can dash 3 times, others cant.
  • Cyro wrote: »
    worst dash? he can dash 3 times, others cant.
    Yes,but its still useless because its realy slow and you just can get killed while youre dashing. It’ll be better if its reduced to 2 but has faster dash
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