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Make Grievous what players want already!

DICE, it’s been almost a year since Grievous entered the game, and although he’s seen a bunch of improvement since then, you still have not given us players the MAIN thing we’ve all been asking for from him: fighting with all 4 lightsabers!ird5it5blatb.png
Take this recent game update video on YouTube by “Battlefront Knight” for instance (a very popular channel that solely focuses on this game and what the community wants for it). A commenter gained 483 likes so far suggesting to finally give Grievous the ability to use all his sabers. Don’t ignore this please. It’s a mere comment on a singular channel and look how much support it got. Although he suggests something radical: replacing thrust surge with a 4-saber fighting ability. I don’t think this is necessary, as all his abilities are great and too many star cards already exist for them, but a 4th ability like Anakin’s would only be sensible and a great idea! It only makes sense that a villain has a 4th ability if the light side’s Anakin has one, and Grievous is the perfect candidate, as he is an especially fearsome character known for killing many Jedi, and his character is so iconic due to his plethora of unique abilities that his cyborg body gives him. He’s practically the perfect match up for Anakin, or he would be if he’s given a 4th ability as well. 4 sabers is what he’s known for. It’s what’s so special about him, and until you guys let him use all 4 sabers in-game (beyond only “thrust surge” and “unrelenting advance” where he’s really only using 2 arms anyway), the players won’t be happy with him. Like I said, it’s been nearly a year and the players aren’t happy with him because of THIS. You guys are doing great making the game better, but please DICE, make Grievous the 4-armed fighter everyone wants him to be already!!! Perhaps like in a late Anniversary update for him since we’re coming up on that date.

Here’s the link to the YouTube video by “Battlefront Knight” from which I took the screenshot:

Also, please finally consider making Grievous’ standard attacks more interesting. He boringly performs the same 4 swings over and over in the same order as if this is some game made 10 years ago. Variation is huge for adding realism, and his attacks greatly need it. He even solely uses his right arm for the first 2 of the 4 attacks he has (not including the single leaping slash he does also), which just adds to the lameness of it all. Please do this stuff for us already guys. It’s almost been a year! Thank you.


  • Cyro
    323 posts Member
    attacking with 4 sabers for some time would be AMAZING....i hated how you never could do that! -.-
  • I would really like to see him with 4 arms but this would we a huge amount of work for the devs in a modern engine like frostbite. And the game has already enough points they need to work on. Biside that it would be very likely to have massiv amounts of bugs since the game has already big problems with hit detection.
    As far as I can tell its not like that you perform an animation and everything in a certain range gets damaged (Or something similar). Its the Lightsaber it self that does the damage and there are still problems with a single one or two, so now imagine four...
  • I use Grevious all the time and it appears that Luke, Anakin and Obi are immune to the spinning saber ability whether blocking or not. Grevious also takes a hell of a lot more damage now than he did before when using that ability. These updates make the gameplay more unbearable Everytime a new one is rolled out. Really this game is pure trash
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