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Stop Deadbeat Hero Hogs!

How frustrating is it to accumulate enough battle points to jump into Galactic Assault or Capital Supremacy with your favorite hero or villain, but never get the opportunity? More often than not, it's because some deadbeat hero hogs have been timidly lurking in the shadows, doing nothing to help their team for the last 5 minutes.

I've played too many games where I've acquired enough battle points to spawn in as a hero several times over and never find them available. Meanwhile, I observe our team's hero campers doing everything to avoid getting killed and nothing to advance the objective. This is easily correctable.

Put heroes in GA and CS on an arcade-style timer with scoring events adding to the remaining time. This way, effective hero players can hang on to them longer and ineffective ones will have to share after they time-out.

It's fair and simple, would give more players a shot at swinging that lightsaber and encourage better team play.

Give players an initial 1:00 on the clock and let them earn extra time with the hero by playing the objective or getting kills.


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