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AAA open world star wars game ideas

locations I would like to visit in a cannon AAA open world star wars game
1. fully excavated valley of the dark lords on Moraband
2. Corruscant jedi temple forbidden rooms and sith shrine under the temple
3. sith temple on malachor
4. nightsister caves on Dathomir
5. Tython
6. Dromund Kass
7. Illum kyber crystal caves
8. Umbara
9. Mandalore
10. any other jedi and sith related planets and locations
should use ultra realistic graphics
should be playable as a jedi or a sith (with force lightning abilities)
preferably on pc/xbox/playstation platforms
should be a exploration and story driven game


  • Don't forget about the Jedi temple on lothal, the lothal temple was different and more mysterious than the jedi temple on coruscant.
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