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Ashoka and ventress as heroes, and trooper and hero skins as lvl up rewards

I would like trooper and hero skins as rewards for leveling up each class or hero. please give us ventress and ashoka tano as new heroes, if so please add ventresse's appearance from the novel dark disciple with a yellow lightsaber. for ashoka please give us her classic clone wars appearance with two lightsabers and her appearances from CW season 7 and rebels. Add imperial sentry droids and CIS magnaguards as reinforcements. I play the xbox version of the game and I would like the daily crates to stack, otherwise unlocking skins is more difficult. Also have the bundle crates available for credits. please add elite tie defenders for the empire and some type of bomber class star ship for the first order. I would love to see purge troopers added to the game too.
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