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Clone Commando DC‐17 Sniper Attachment/CLONE WARS playlist

I'm honestly not a fan of the idea of the clone commandos having the sonic arm cannon. I'd very much prefer they use the DC-17 Sniper Attachment in it's place. It should shoot 5 rounds, and outline your target for better target acquisition, similar to republic commando. Give it a really long cool down for all I care. Just please don't give us the sonic arm blaster. I would rather have a sonic grenade. The clones already have Jedi with force push abilities, it seems a little unnecessary for them to walk into a large scale battle with a sonic arm blaster, especially since the DC-17 weapon attachments were the clone commando's specialty.

Lastly I just want them to give us a CLONE WARS playlist with all the large scale Clone Wars maps in a random map rotation with none of that bacta back map rotation bantha fodder.

You don't have to agree with everything I say here, but if you agree with anything I say. Then please feel free to spread this word so that DICE might hear our cries and consider granting their community that they so obviously... luhv.
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