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Galactic Republic [PC] [Xbox] [PS4]

Welcome to the Galactic Republic! This server is loaded with fun and games but we are also competitive and we compete in lots of tournaments. We are a magnificent community with great benefits and ranks. Our whole community is Galactic Republic themed including ranks, channels and badges. And all we do is play games. Isn't that great? Just games! Join this community to experience the full experience of gaming. You will get to engage in special events and play all your beloved star wars games. Join this active community to start participating in these great events, meet new people, rank up, jump into some games and most importantly have fun!

How to Join: All you have to do is join our Discord server and our lovely members will get you setup. Don't have Discord well we currently don't support people that don't have Discord, so the best thing to do is either create an account ( and it's free) or email me for support ([email protected]). If you do have Discord that's great, join at the link below.

How Do I Get More Information: Either email me ([email protected]) or you can join the Discord server and ask for more information. Link will be below.

Link & Emails:

Email: [email protected]

Discord Server Link:


Our Logo:


Our Banner:

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