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Jedi Knight or Sith Assassin customisation

Hey EA,

How epic would that be, if you could customise your own Jedi/Sith?
And I think it shouldn´t be so hard to make. Just add a new class of elite soldiers let the abbility cards customise your Jedi/Sith.
For example the cards say, wich force and which weapon you use. (double lightsaber etc.). The skin can also work just like the soldiers.
Then you just have to tell how many elite soldiers are allowed to participate in a battle. Maybe you build a new game mode there, to protect the gameplay of the old ones.
And to make it profitable, you could create the whole as a DLC. I would buy it immediately :D

And for the canon you can possibly orientate yourself on the old republic.
I hope this idea is worth a look.

Kind regards
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