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Video Game ¨The Force Unleashed" Theory.

What if, ¨Jedi Fallen Order¨ is setting up for a rebooted canon ¨Force Unleashed¨. Here's the theory... In the leaked gameplay trailer of "Jedi Fallen Order" we see it takes place on the planet Kashyyyk, and it's about Cal helping Saw and a group of Rebels freeing the slaved Wookies the Empire has captured. So, in the "Force Unleashed" game it also takes place about, how the Empire invated Kashyyyk and captured the Wookies. I think the "Force Unleashed" would be set right before "Jedi Fallen Order", and maybe "Jedi Fallen Order" ties in with "Solo: A Star Wars Story" cause that also explains how Han Solo meet Chewbacca who was captured by the Empire during the invasion. (I don't know, just a random thought.)


  • Starkiller was simply too powerful and it’s a good thing he was scrapped. He made Anakin and Luke look like toddlers when it comes to the force. I mean he pulled down a Star Destroyer with the force. Not saying the games weren’t fun. They were quite epic. But they certainly do not belong in canon. And EA will certainly not reboot that franchise.
  • Ea doesn't deserve to touch another Star Wars game after fallen order. Period
  • I think they are just cherry picking the EU. Actually I'm 100% positive thats what they are doing.
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