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Nerf the jetpack

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I am about to quit playing. Bobas aerial combat is unfair, only in the sense that he is still uncatchable, remember the previous HvV horrible targeting system?

He still cannot be caught be one person. This is ridiculous. The jetpack should just be an over powered jump and dodge, not allow him to hover above peoples heads and fly across the map in seconds.

Anyone with a brain can stay alive with Boba and play cat and mouse the entire game.

NERF THE JETPACK, it should be exactly like the jet trooper and provided momentum only. Not give full aerial control. I’m tired of watching a Boba fly to some corner of the map and just sit there out of reach(Deathstar Map).

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  • He can be killed with a blaster hero.
    Lando and Finn can kill him. Haven't had as much success with Chewie, Leia or Han though (but I don't play them as much so that could be why.).
    Saber heroes, not so much.
  • Yes! this is true!! Same with the clone jet troopers they're way too OP, especially against the droidekas, they can drop the droidekas shield in like three seconds, even without using the jet troopers rocket launcher.
  • i agree with you i was playing HVV today and boba fett was so anoying i force pushed him and still i couldnt kill him beqause he was flying all the time
  • boba should have a health bar for his jetpack and once he has taken too much of a beating it no longer works.
  • boba should have a health bar for his jetpack and once he has taken too much of a beating it no longer works.

    I thought that this was a mechanic in the game. I don’t remember where I read/heard this ( I think a tooltip in a loading screen but I could be wrong ) but I’ve never seen this happen and I’ve used boba a lot
  • boba’s jetpack doesn’t work when he’s hit by chewie’s blaster. once boba is down, just shoot a little above his head to catch him trying to fly again. you’ll be knocking him down over and over until he’s finished.
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