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AI to replace empty spots in queue.


Recently, I returned to SWBFII and I noticed the waiting time for other players to join on a simple 16-man Strike is taking too long. This has also happened in Galactic Assault and Capital Supremacy.

How about filling the vacant spots with hard mode AI until a player is able to join and replace that AI throughout the game?


  • Would be a good way to get small modes like ewok started without waiting forever
  • KaiokenGirlx2
    40 posts Member
    edited September 13
    The current AI in this game are rather underwhelming though. Notice how the AI trip & fall during certain situations, their current scripting/design would make them a huge disadvantage for a team that has a larger count of them, at least if AI kills count for leaderboard, battlepoints, reinforcements etc.

    As for your lobby population troubles, may I ask what system you're on? I'm on Xbox where I can log in at 2am on a Wednsday & easily find a full lobby for modes like GA. I understand the smaller game modes at this point could be having trouble, but I've seen no issue with GA.

    I still remember when Skimirish/aka Instant Action came out for BF1. The AI were literally copy/pasted from the Survival mode, huge disappointment as it didn't reflect an offline multiplayer feel at all.
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