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Focused Feedback

Getting stuck at end of round screen way too often.

Anyone else? Any clue why this is? I've repaired the game a couple times, but I really don't wanna hafta download it again and do a fresh install. I've got it installed on a 970 EVO so I know the drive is fast enough. My internet isn't slow either.

Any tips, clues, help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Same issue, Same SSD. Friends have normal HDD n get it as well,been a pig since last update, makes selection in HVV impossible before the game starts.
    A Few people complaining, no response from the powers that be, then again people complaining of massive Lag recently and no response on that either.
  • I never have this issue. But my friend with a way stronger PC.
  • I see. So it is a known issue that's affecting more than just me. Fantastic.
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