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Game Update
Forest of Endor

Adjust Class specific Clone trooper class appearance!

The Phase 1 Heavy class, at the start had no helmet add ons. Now copied over from Phase 2 and it doesnt look good but more importantly is not correct either.

- Standard look for Heavy
Phase 1, the backpack, original torso loadout belt (theres a varient with a hanging bag attached too)
Phase 2: helmet bits on top, visor cap, backpack.

- Officer
Phase 1/2: helmet antenna, pouldron, kama.

- Specialist
All Phases: helmet binocular, original back attachement (what Cody has) (why was it removed? A whole asset is thrown away), and a chest belt thats attacheted to the main belt like Recon corps Officer.

*Some legions have acceptions in standard loadout like: 327th, 91st Recon corps.

Atleast, adjust Phase 1 Heavy it looks reallyoff. Remove helmet parts and give backpack and chest add ons.
My priority list:

1. Fix Split screen mode bugs
2. Fix bugs
3. Bigger play area for Duel mode
4. More love for Starfighter modes
5. First Person only mode
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