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December CC

With Instant Action & Co-Op arriving soon, is it overkill to keep AI in CS?

Instant Action: Complete offline experience against AI.

Co-Op: Online experience with 4 friends / randoms against AI.

CS: Complete online experience against players and no AI.

Should this change be applied to CS?People seem to be 50/50 when it comes to AI in CS.

Let the battle begin.
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  • I think CS is way better when they AI is off so I'd support removing it.
  • I dont think so, they add a ton more to the battlefront And Make the match seem like an actual war ect, plus They tend to go for the less contested objectives more then other players thus actually helping there teams! Bonus that they are easy to kill so Players that arnt doing as good can at least kill SOMETHING and have SOME type of fun In Multiplayer rather then die a ton in a row to vastly better/more geared out troopers/heroes ect. Tbh I wish they would add AI to GA also lol
  • Lets all be honest here, without the bots, it could be boring. They do PTO, so it gives a me a sense of a battle.
    Also after 5mins, all there would be is reinforcements and heroes.

    I never thought id like bots in a MP game, and absolutely never thought id be defending them (never bought Titanfall cos of this). But i actually do find them quite fun, especially if a mate gets killed by one :D
  • To be honest, I love the AI in Capital Supremacy for being grindable towards the weapon attachment unlocks. Otherwise, I would never have unlocked any of the upgrades for the Officer's third hand blaster.
  • The AI sucks in CS, just another reason not to play the mode along with the recent changes changes made to it.
  • F8RGE wrote: »
    We won't be turning off the AI in CS.

    Whereas Co-Op and Instant Action are solely against AI, CS is different in that it's mixed.

    No plans for this.

    Good to know, thanks for the info.
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    "I am the Senate."
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