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Battle Point Event
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rag doll effects, bodies, weapons in game voice chat

Idk about anybody else but I would LOVE to see both heroes and villains ragdoll when defeated instead of them kneeling down or lying down just to make the game more funny since getting blown up by explosive shots is hilarious and I'd love to see Rey or Maul fly like 10,00 feet in the air. I'm not sadistic in any way but if the bodies of fallen clones and droids etc stayed forever on the battlefirled it would give the game a more realistic war like feel since that's the vibe I get from most maps. I for one would also like to see if more historically accurate weapons could be added or if the ones that are already in game could be buffed to make the game feel more alive idk how anybody else feels about this but I do not like seeing the a280 on clones even though it's really good. Also if there could be in game voice chat so I could hear what the other team it'd be great.
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