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Battle Point Event
Focused Feedback

Making this event was a mistake

This game is not much fun without heroes and vehicles. I will certainly not play this weekend

If Vader ever played this game, he would choke you for your incompetence, EA


  • OcDoc
    1947 posts Member
    Good to give the feedback and I am a bigger fan of a few of the other events myself but I think it is cool to have the change up for a weekend.

    Variety is the spice of life, right? While they are removing some of the various playable characters in the grand scheme of things it is nice having the game FEEL different after 2 years with essentially the same setup.
  • Disagree.

    Limited super units with restricted access stomping lower tier units is a miserable design mechanic.

    Success should come from gameplay, not character selection.
  • Urgh, please come and play so I can shoot you and ain't no lightsaber for you to hide behind.

    This right here is the truth.
    "DEW IT."
    "I am the Senate."
  • If you bought the game to only play as a hero then you’ve completely missed the concept of Battlefront 2.
  • Yeah, and this thread was a bigger mistake. You can't wreck with heroes anymore, huh? Deal with it.
  • T0TALfps
    1260 posts EA Community Manager
    I appreciate the snippet of feedback around the event, but this thread won't really help us in fixing things for you in the future. Will lock this down but if you intend to make another thread on the subject, let us know why you feel it isn't fun without heroes or vehicles - what are we missing?
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