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Amazing Event For the loyal troopers base, thank you Dice!

I have friends who actually belong to clans, for either infantry clans as they only play Blast and some others who only play HvV as shooters only. Now we have the opportunity to have them playing together in just one big mode, GA or CS. I played GA alone this morning and it was savage, it is like a Blast mode on steroids, still was able to consistently dominate 99% of the player base, not even using reinforcements most of the time because were mostly taken. I don’t remember to ever had that much fun in BF2 ever! You outdone yourself this time DICE, kepp it up. we love this...


  • I haven't played the event, and maybe I won't play it at all. But I agree it was a good choice. I don't think events in every weekend is a smart decision, but finally creating an event which feels the opposite of Heroes Unleashed or massive BP discount for all classes (not sure if they tried that yet) was a smart move.

    They could have some more unique and better events, but given the history of this game, this is a fresh and welcomed event.

    I'm eager for the no sabers event for HvV, that sounds fun. Another great choice for an event IMO.
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  • I don’t like the event, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good event, I’m glad they catered to the trooper combat guys
  • I don’t like the event, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good event, I’m glad they catered to the trooper combat guys

    This right here. I am happy that the people that have wanted this have gotten it. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean others don't like it.
  • moistboii wrote: »
    I hate this event with every fiber of my being.

    So you hate Battlefront at its core?

    What's wrong with liking to play as both heroes and infantry? GA offers both. Hvv is only heroes and blast has no heroes but I don't really enjoy either mode as much as GA.
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