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This event proves that hero's and vehicles are essential

Is it just me but camping in spawn places on CS was a major issue today

Also I don't mind the occasional death by light saber


  • Camping is because of bots. Not lack of heroes. Founder "Where the Game is Winnable."

  • I think player count in larger game modes would actually go up if they decided to keep heroes and reinforcements out or at least very limited, but since that’s not going to happen, back to Extraction!
  • RebelScum13
    83 posts Member
    edited September 14
    Being just an event or a separate game mode, ok cool. Making it permanent...Well so long Battlefront, it's been nice knowing you. Hello Battlefield, whatcha up to?
  • Lawnmow3rMan
    1294 posts Member
    edited September 14
  • No, it just proves lack common sense and planning with events and with the game in general. That being said, if you don’t like heroes in the game, you shouldn’t be playing a game based on characters with supernatural powers and fight with lightsabers.

    Or DICE shouldnt name the game Battlefront if they only wanna focus on heroes... thats where the bigger issue is...
  • I'm agree, it's just like the HU Chaos nonsense.
    The kind mixed with the wicked, the will to fight until the end, I'm not your enemy or friend.
  • XAnakin93 wrote: »
    This even just proove that without heroes this game would be dead after 2 weeks.

    Well, at least bad player can now try to play without raginng cause OP HEROES killed them!

    "Damn, stupid hero, they should get oneshotted by troops."

    Why assume trooper/infantry players are the bad ones.
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