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What are clones supposed to do to defend their Capital Ship?

Every Capital Supremacy game ends the exact same way:

-Droidekas roll behind the cores
-Some Jetpack droids fly behind the cores
-Teammates spawn with them

and they gank EVERY single person that tries to defend. A single Deka can destroy a core by itself and trying to defeat it solo is suicide because they will always have the upper hand in close combat.

I don't know, i feel the new last phase is bery unbalanced. In Droids ship you have sight of the whole room and can attack clones that manage to pass the defenses. But in the Republic ship there's nothing you can do when droids hide behind the cores and start firing like crazy. Something should be done, it's making the whole mode unfun because you know if the droids capture the first point it's a 100% sure win for them. It also doesn't help that the clones have to shoot at the Droid core using a certain angle and in a single spot while the droids can fire at the clone cores from even outside the room.

So question. As a player, what am I supposed to do when there are Dekas behind the cores?? I usually try heroes but now is impossible this option. The Jetpack Clone is useless as I will die before I pop the shield, with the ARC i usually have a 50% chance but it's 2000 credits for a suicide attack. The Wookie feels useless against the bubble too. Need some help or some balance patch.


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